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"There are really zero holes in this EP." New Emotion Review

“The EP opens with ‘Popaganda’. You are greeted with a nostalgic sounding arpeggiated synth you would hear in an ’80s new wave song. The song starts to unfold with multiple vocal melodies, clean, shimmering guitar, bass and drums. There is a heavy ’80’s feel to this song from the goth tinted vocals to the beat which feels a little inspired by Blondie.

Up next is ‘Real Love’ which is more of a ballad. The vocal harmonies are great and I really liked how dark they got the drums to sound during the verse. Once the chorus hits there is a change in energy that feels pretty celebratory and joyous.

The title track ‘New Emotion’ is the arguable highlight. I liked how dynamic the song was. It’s a song that picks up energy and I thought the hook a little after the one-minute mark was immediately memorable and classic sounding. ‘Sail in Light’ is another winner. The vocal harmonies are really strong on this song. That being said, the instrumental parts are on point as well.

They close with ‘Apparition.’ This song definitely soars. The funky bass stood out to me on this track and the juxtaposition against the shimmering guitars and synths worked very well. On top of that, the vocal melodies are infectious.

There are really zero holes in this EP. I liked all the songs and look forward to a full length. Recommended.“

Jamie Funk