Prismatics is a four piece band consisting of Brooke Austen (vocals, synthesizer), Josh Clark (guitar, vocals), Jo Bossi (bass, vocals), and Alisha Schroeder (drums, percussion).

Defying conventional classification, the band draws heavily from New Wave and various art rock movements of the past, combined with the implementation of classic pop songcraft.

Prior to completing their first tour of the Midwest and Texas in 2017, they recorded their debut single, “Voices.” In 2018, they released their debut EP, “New Emotion.”

Prismatics has enjoyed a number of radio spots and have an upcoming feature on the Emmy Award winning talk show, The Mystery Hour, in February 2019.

Their live performances explore an exciting combination of theatricality and raw emotional experience, having been described as both “dynamic” and “explosive”, along with a wide variety of original songs “moving through moods from buoyant to haunting.”


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